Friday 11 March 2022

Unmissable spring flowers

A walk to discover this moment's spring flowers

Narrow-leaved Lungwort (Pulmonaria longifolia)

  The waiting has been long but at last spring arrives Spring flowers show up everywhere. Primroses and Violets and Bittercresses and Whitlowgrasses and Sedges and Lungworts and Prunuses and Hawksbeards... What a joy to see them again!
In fields and woodlands that surround the Molières bastide, but also in its narrow streets and even in the cemetery grow plants that are familiar and also strange flowers. During this not too long walk we take our time to look around us to discover them and to observe from nearby the typical features of different plants, flower morphology and the place where they grow.

  Monday 11 March
Departure 14.00, return about 17.00
  Molières (24480), space to park besides the cemetery just North of the village. If you are afraid to get lost, ask me, I'll send you a map or informations to find the meeting point.
  How much?
Walk of about 4 km. € 10 par person. Free for children (accompanied by an adult). 
In French, English, Dutch. Max. 9 participants. Enroll beforehand please.


Contact: Corine, 06 31 41 60 32, 

We keep our distance and comply with preventive measures against covid-19, covid pass not needed. Limited number of participants, max 9.