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Wednesday 28 September 2022

On the beach of the Dordogne river


Water germander (Teucrium scordium)

  Even if there are a few showers, the beaches will remain mostly dry. Plants of all kinds grow between the pebbles and in the sand. There are plants perfectly adapted to the temporary flooding and there are visitors that come with the flow or with beach visitors, and there is a significant risk of botanical surprises.
Lindernia and Corrigiola are very specialised small plants, as are several species of Duckweed. We will surely find many plants that were not so common ten years ago. New grasses often very decorative, edible Tomatoes or poisonous Nightshades, both Solanaceae, or beautiful flowers like Water-primroses or Asters. Sometimes they are recent immigrants, sometimes they are plants that only in the last few years have found the right circumstances to flourish, and there will be a surprising diversity of trees, from small babies to large Methuselahs.
A short walk along the stony, sandy or muddy beaches, with your feet (almost) in the water. Wear boots or shoes that can get wet.

  Wednesday 28 September
Departure 14.00, return about 17.00

  Limeuil (24510), carpark (fee) besides the sports fields East of the village (just North of the bridge). If you are afraid to get lost, ask me, I'll give you supplementary informations to find the meeting point.

How much?
Walk on and around about 1km of beach. € 10 par person. Free for children (accompanied by an adult). 
In French, English, Dutch. Max. 9 participants. Enroll beforehand please.


Contact: Corine, 06 31 41 60 32, 

We keep our distance and comply with preventive measures against covid-19, covid pass not needed. Limited number of participants, max 9.